International Rail Freight Conference



John Lutz

Senior Advisor – eCommerce
UIC, France

Mr Lutz is currently Senior Advisor eCommerce at the UIC and brings with him 20 years’ experience in information exchange for the railway sector. He was responsible for developing industry standards for data exchange, including establishing the mandatory electronic waybill data exchange system in North America. He served as Chairman of the X12 Technical Assessment Committee for 8 years as well as participating as a technical expert on the UN/EDIFACT Transportation Committee. Additionally, Mr. Lutz served as a consultant specialising in information integration between Railways and their customers using XML interfaces. His current responsibilities are in the Standardisation domain, inter-enterprise messaging for Railway applications and the TSI-TAF Project Team.

Shelley Mason

Detached National Expert
European Commission, DG TREN, Belgium

In October 2005 Shelley Mason joined the EC's Directorate General Transport and Energy working in its Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) Policy and Technological Development Unit. Her posting is on secondment from the UK Ministry of Transport where she previously worked as the national TEN-T policy and programme Manager and represented the UK on the TEN-T Guidelines and Financial Assistance Committees.
She has worked in both central and local Government and her previous responsibilities in the Ministry of Transport have included the promotion of green transport issues and the development of counter terrorism security measures on UK rail and metro systems.

Jacques Dirand

Freight Policy Adviser
Community of European Railways and Infrastructure Companies, Belgium

Mr. Dirand (42) spent the first 10 years of his career in Germany, the United Kingdom and France as a consultant for various key accounts in the consumer goods and business-to-business sector. He started his rail career in 1999 with the French railway operator SNCF as an adviser dealing with the “process re-engineering” of SNCF’s freight operations. He then took on the responsibility for International Affairs in the Freight Strategy Department of SNCF. Since 2003, he is responsible for freight policy issues in the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER). In this position, he contributes to the political discussions around intermodality, liberalisation, interoperability, development of rail infrastructure, research and freight quality.

Karl Zöchmeister

Chief Operation Officer
Rail Cargo Austria, Austria

1980-85 Studying economics (transport, general management) at Vienna University of economics
1983-86 Teaching at public education forum; start-up enterprise for incoming tourism to Eastern Europe
1986-95 ÖBB, Human resources management and organizational development
1996 - ÖBB Personenverkehr, Chief Manager of human resources department
2002 - ÖBB, Chief Manager of Business Unit Passenger Services
2007 - RCA, Chief Operation Officer, Transport Management

Jaroslav Soušek

Director of the Department for Rails, Railway and Combined Transport
Ministry of Transport, Czech Republic

Mr. Soušek started working for the Federal Ministry of Transport in 1982. After the state administration was separated from the business administration of the Czechoslovak Railways in 1988, he stayed in the state administration, at the Federal Ministry of Transport and Communication, department of railway transport, as a deputy to the department head. After the split-up of the federation, he continued working at the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Czech Republic, department of railway transport, as the head of the legal regulations department.
For more than 10 years he has assumed management positions at the Ministry of Transport and since 2000 he has been on the post of director of the Department for Railways, Railway and Combined Transport.
He has greatly participated in the preparation of the new legal regulations within the railways area, especially the Act on Railways and its implementation procedures. In this respect he has managed a working team that has so far published 10 issues of legal regulations with commentary in railway-related matters.

Josef Bazala

General Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors
ČD Cargo, Czech Republic

Mr. Bazala graduated from Transport University in Zilina, specialisation Operation and Economy of Railway Transport in 1980. In 1981 he started working for Czechoslovak Railways. He went through various positions within that company: train dispatcher, time table executive, freight transport coordinator. From 1991 to 1993, Mr. Bazala acted as Chief Executive of Passenger Transport. In 1993 he was nominated as Head Director of Business/Operation Division at Czech Railways Headquarters in Prague. In 1995 he was appointed Director General of Czech Railways. In 1996 he left Czech Railways for the private company of Spedi-trans Praha. In March 2003 he returned to Czech Railways to the position of First Deputy Director General and Member of the Board. In May 2005 Mr. Bazala was nominated Chairman of Board and Director General of Czech Railways.

Jaroslav Richter

Executive Director, Member of the Board of Directors
ČD Cargo, Czech Republic

Education: University of Transport and Communication in Žilina, operations and economics in transport.
Experience: Management positions in rail transport, ČD Cargo, Czech Railways and Unipetrol.
Since 2006 Director of Strategy and Informatics Section, Czech Railways Directorate.
Since 12/2007 Executive Director of ČD Cargo.

Rodan Šenekl

Commercial Director, Member of the Board of Directors
ČD Cargo, Czech Republic

1977 – 1982 Transport University in Zilina, educated from Operation and Economics of Railway Transport
1983 – 1992 Czechoslovak State Railways (ČSD) in various operations and middle management positions, IT branch
1992 – 1994 CAS Inc., Canadian IT producer, Sales Manager
1995 – 1999 Container Train Nederland, b.v., intermodal operator, Branch Manager
2000 – 2002 ČSKD Intrans, a.s., Prague, intermodal operator, Terminal Manager Prague
2003 – 2005 European Rail Shuttle, b.v., intermodal operator, Branch Manager terminal Melnik
2005 – 2007 Ceske dráhy, a.s. (Czech Railways), Deputy Director General for freight transport and operation, Member of the Board
since 2007 ČD Cargo, a.s., Commercial Director and Member of the Board

Miroslav Fukan

Managing Director
JERID, Czech Republic

Mr. Fukan (44) graduated at Computer University in Brno. He started working for Czechoslovak Railways in 1987 as programmer, later as the Software Development Director.
In 1993, he co-founded the JERID Company. Since 1994, he is Managing Director of JERID.

Harald Reisinger

Chief Information Officer
RailNetEurope, Austria

2001-2005 CIO Infrastructure Manager - Betrieb AG
2005-2006 Head of IT ÖBB
Since 2007 CIO RailNetEurope
Since 2004 Chairman of the IM IT Strategy group (Joint UIC/RNE)
Since 2005 Chairman of the IM CIO and TAF/TAP TSI Meetings
Since 2007 Chairman of the TAF TSI IM/RNE Cluster

Rodney Case

Partner, Surface Transportation Practice
Oliver Wyman, Canada

Rodney Case is a Partner in the Surface Transportation Practice of Oliver Wyman. Rod has twenty (20) years of experience as a freight railway manager in both Europe and North America. This includes infrastructure and operations management, national union negotiations, IT project management, railcar asset purchase, customer service negotiations and operations and service planning. While working as the head of Operation and Service planning at both a North American and a European railway, Rod was able to lead the efforts to reduce significant costs and increase overall customer satisfaction. This effort was formally recognized with the award of the Edelman Prize in 2003, recognizing outstanding performance of applied operations research at a global level. Rod has a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Western Ontario and a Masters in Logistics from Cranfield University in the UK. He is based in the Toronto office, but spends half his time at freight railway clients in Europe.

Dobromil Nenutil

R&D Manager
UniControls a.s., Czech Republic

Till 1991 he had been working in Research Institute of Automation where he gained experience in the development of the software for large industrial control systems. He specialized particularly in real-time operating systems and fieldbus communication. With UniControls a.s. he was responsible, as the Head of Software Development Department, for the design and development of the systems for distributed control of industrial facilities. After the company had entered the field of transportation he led the development of onboard Train Control and Monitoring System. Due to his far reaching experience in onboard train communication he became the member of IEC/TC9/WG43 standardization working group. At present he is responsible for innovations and projects supported by EU.

Petr Kroča

European Business Manager
JERID, Czech Republic

Mr. Kroča (40) graduated from Transport University in Zilina, specialisation Operation and Economy of Railway Transport with focus on Informatics in 1990. He worked for Czechoslovak and Czech Railways and went through various positions within that company: station dispatcher, IT administrator, chief-analyst of freight IT systems and head of IT teams.
In 1993, he co-founded the JERID Company. Now he is responsible for preparation, management and evaluation of projects focused on development of systems for European rail freight transport, particularly specialized on digital content, railway infrastructure and wagon monitoring. He is initiator of international cooperation on European level, leader of four projects of European market oriented research and development and Product Manager of RailMap.

Petr Červinka

International Data Exchange Manager
ČD Cargo, Czech Republic

Mr. Cervinka (42) started his career as station dispatcher after the university in 1988. Since 1990 he turned to railway IT. Since 1992 he is responsible for international freight data exchange applications at CD (now CD Cargo). He leaded development of train preannounce, wagon localisation, wagon trip planning (HIPPS), locations data (ENEE), consignment data exchange and wagon trip reporting (ISR) interfaces. He is also responsible for Hermes network connection. From 2000 he is secretary of the Hermes Production Group (GPH) at HIT Rail. Mr. Cervinka is involved in many international IT projects and bodies, e.g.: RAILDATA, UIC IT Study Group, GRU and UIC/OSZD Joint Group. He also leads the TSI-TAF implementation project at CD.

Eric Lambert

Combined Transport Manager
CFL Multimodal, Luxembourg

Mr. Lambert (43) integrated EuroLuxCargo, the freight company of the National Railway company (CFL) of Luxembourg, in 2000 as Combined Transport Manager. Due to the restructuration of the CFL during 2006 and 2007, CFL Cargo (for the conventional transport) and CFL Multimodal (for the Logistic and Multimodal transport) have been created.
For the time being, Mr. Lambet is Combined Transport Manager by CFL Multimodal and he is also Director of ACTS Luxembourg S.A. (Abroll Container Transport System).
He is the representative of the CFL within several international Associations (UIC, CER, EIA, Interunit, for example) and in this framework, he is the president of the steering committee of USE IT.

Andrea M. Migliuolo

Managing Director & C.E.O.
ELOG AG, Switzerland

Andrea M. Migliuolo is currently CEO of ELOG (European Freight Car Logistics AG) and NATO Senior Advisor for transportation and logistics. Previously, he worked 10 years for the Italian Railways group, the last 3 years as FS Cargo’s Director General. Mr. Migliuolo also worked 6 years with McKinsey and Company in New York, Milan and Rome. He holds a Rome University degree in Science, an MS from the University of Rhode Island and an MBA from Yale University.

Gaston Zens

Chief Inspector of Railway, Fleetmanager
CFL Cargo, Luxembourg

Mr. Zens integrated the Luxembourg Railway company in 1974. After working on several signal-box places (mecanic and electronic) as a traffic controller (1974-1983), he was assignated First Shift Officer of the only marshalling yard in Luxembourg (1983-1987). From 1997-2000 Commercial Chief Officer for the railway customers in the south area of Luxembourg (aspecially steel industry).
From 2000 Fleetmanager of EuroLuxCargo, the freight company of Luxembourg Railway. This company changes in 2006 in CFL Cargo with 37% actionars part of ArcelorMittal, the worldwide number 1 in steel productions. In the fleetmanagment is included: the questions of damages and litigation, the RIV-rates and all the questions about railway legislation. Secondly he is responsable for all the questions of Customs Affairs and Dangerous Goods in freight questions for Luxemburg Railways.
For the Luxembourg government member in the Cotif-RID-expert group
Member of the «customs affair group» at the Community of European Railway
Member of the UIC group «Wagon Users »
Coordinator of the CER-group: customs security

Werner Bach

Internationale Verkehrspolitik und Verbände
Railion Deutschland, Germany

Started working for Deutsche Bundesbahn in 1971.
Working in the productionbranch of Deutsche Bundesbahn
1990 Graduation as Diplom-Verwaltungsbetriebswirt
1990 - 1993 Salesmanager for passenger traffic
1993 - 1995 Salesmanager for freight traffic
Since 1995 working in different Branches of international affaires at DB Cargo and Railion Deutschland AG
President of the Managing Committee of DIUM/NHM of UIC

Efim Rosenberg

First Deputy General Director JSC "NIIAS"
Russian Railways, Russia

Dr Prof. Efim Rozenberg is a Russian Railways top expert in automatic systems of train control and safety ensuring. Under his guidance, onboard safety systems, electronic devices of automatic blocking, locomotive signalling computer-based devices have been designed and implemented on a railway network of Russia and CIS countries.
Prof. E. Rozenberg directed and took an active part in writing Concept of Development of Signalling Systems, Concept of Enhancement of Train Movement Safety Based on the Application of Train Control Multifunctional Integrated Systems on Railways, and other documents served as a basis for creation and implementation of State Programmes for safety enhancement on Russian railways, and of Programmes for refurbishment and development of signalling systems. Prof. E. Rozenberg is an author of over 160 researches and inventions. He has publications both in Russia and abroad (in Poland and Germany).
Total experience as a VNIIAS specialist amounts to 23 years.
He is a doctor of science and teaches at the Moscow State University for Railways, being a scientific adviser of postgraduate students.

Ján Simčo

Director of Trade Division
ZSSK CARGO, Slovakia

Mr. Simčo (33) has started to work for railways in 1993 in a few positions of railway operation. In 2003 he was appointed as a Strategy Director of ZSSK (passenger and freight operator). He was responsible for strategic and investment development of the company. In September 2006 he was appointed into position of Director of Trade Division and appointed as a member of Board of Directors of ZSSK CARGO. He was graduated from the University of Transport in Žilina, Slovakia, Faculty of Operation and Economy of Railway Transport. Since 2002 he has been working on several international projects and taking part on several international activities in development of railways as a system. He is an active member of international and national transport and economic organisations.

Fedor Kharuta

European Association of Ukrainian Transport Companies, Ukraine

1976-1981 Graduated from National University of Railway Transport in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
1981-1985 executive manager of railway depot in Irkutsk, East-Siberian Railway
1985-1992 deputy director on passenger transportation and passenger service on Uzhgorod department Lvov Railway
1992-1997 founder and general director of one of the first private Ukrainian forwarding companies “Magistral Ltd”
1997-2001 Board Chairman of JSC “Zakarpatinterport”
2001-2003 Vice-Chairman of Transcarpathian regional State Administration
Since 2003 Chairman of Supervisory Council of JSC “Zakarpatinterport”
Since 2004 Co-Chairman of European Association of Ukrainian Transport Companies

Antonius J. Ras

Managing Director
GlobeSim, Switzerland

Mr. Ras is specialized in the education and coaching of organizations in Strategy Development, Change-, Project -, and Process Management. Before he started his consulting and training business in 1989 he gathered 15 years professional experience as a Manager and Director in different high-tech industries. During the last few years Mr. Ras focused on providing solutions for complex logistics problems, specializing in the design of computer-based training systems and models supporting the improvement of Intermodal cargo traffic in the EC. (Awarded titles: BSc, MBA)

Igor Hribar

Director of Freight Transport
SŽ – Slovenian Railways, Slovenia

Mr. Hribar (34) started his professional carrier as market researcher at Slovenian Railways. Later he was responsible for business development and management of international projects in the field of operations and marketing management. In November 2006 he was appointed Assistant Director for Sales and in March 2007 Executive Director of the Cargo Division. Until 2007 he has held tenure as a lecturer of Services Management at the University of Primorska. He is a member of several national and international professional associations.

Julius Přenosil

Deputy Director for Strategy and Information
JERID, Czech Republic

Mr. Přenosil is responsible for data and information digital content development and maintenance and also for strategy course of the company development. In 1993, he co-founded the JERID Company. He is a member of the Transport and Commerce Committee of OSShD (Organization for Cooperation of Railway Companies), responsible for cooperation in Asia region and the president of IT committee of SSL (Czech national Logistic Association). He is educated in Operation and Economy of Railway Transport (awarded title: Dipl. Engineer).

Tomáš Michalec

Project Manager
ČD-Telematika, Czech Republic

Mr. Michalec graduated from University Pardubice - Jan Perner Transport Faculty, specialisation Transport Technology and Control in 1999. He started his career in České dráhy and he worked there in some positions - station dispatcher, system specialist at Strategy and IT department.
Since 2005 he is responsible as project manager for IT products focus on rail freight transport and evaluations of projects focused on IT for rail freight transport at ČD - Telematika.
Mr. Michalec was involved as an expert in some international projects focused on European rail freight transport – PHARE 2001-CZ01-03-01, POLCORRIDOR LOGCHAIN, TREND. During his work he graduated from University Pardubice – Jan Perner Transport Faculty specialisation Technology and Management in Transport and Telecommunications Ph.D. degree.

Olaf Krüger

Kühne + Nagel, Germany

Mr. Krüger is since 1992 in charge of the development of Rail activities within the Kühne + Nagel group. Prior to Kühne + Nagel, he was responsible for the Cargo Division of Deutsche Reichsbahn (East German Railway).
Olaf Krüger is co-founder of the Europäischen Interessengemeinschaft der Bahnspediteure (Community of European Rail Forwarders) founded in 1996, since when he was kept reelected as its Chairman. Main objective of IBS is to coordinate business environment and frame regulation in further development of Railfreight transport services.

Wolfgang Riedl

Key-account manager and Head of Montanverkehre
Express Interfracht Internationale Speditionsges.m.b.H., Wien, Austria

Mr. Riedl (39) started his career in 1987 as a traffic superintendent at Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). After 6 years of operational experience he moved to the commercial transport department. From 1997 he was responsible for steel transport within Rail Cargo Austria. From 2000 to 2004 he assumed the position of deputy head Montan business. Between 2003 and 2005 he attended his postgraduate studies at the Donau University Krems. Since 2004 he is partly in Express Interfacht as a key-account manager, responsible for several major clients and also as a coordinator between Rail Cargo Austria (RCA) and the companies within the RCA-owned Speditionsholding.

Jaromír Cabalka

Terminal Manager
ČD-DUSS Terminál, a.s., Czech Republic

Mr. Cabalka, graduated at University Pardubice on Department of Transport Management, Marketing and Logistics.
He started working for Czechoslovak Railways in 1990 as a dispatcher and transport coordinator and he went with his work as a specialist for logistic centres for General Management of Czech railways from 2003 till 2006.
In 2006 he started as a Terminal Manager in a new founded company ČD-DUSS Terminal in Lovosice.
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