International Rail Freight Conference

Session Topics

SESSION 1: European Legislation and Rail Freight Transportation Support

Chairman: Mr. Sundling / TAF TSI Coordinator

The goal of this international conference is to discuss the market development of European rail freight transportation. Presentations in the first session will describe the legislative frame, particularly the technical specification for interoperability relating to the telematic applications for freight subsystem of the trans-European conventional rail system. Now that the Strategic European Deployment Plan has been agreed and accepted by the Commission, the first milestone of building the common components must be met by 2009. Presentations will discuss in detail how it is planning on meeting these milestones.

The Conference aims to present that the European railway sector is on the right track to become an open, efficient and competitive player in the European transportation market.

SESSION 2: Railway Consignments and Freight Wagon Monitoring Projects

Chairman: Mr. Šenekl / Czech Railways

Current liberalization of the railway market brings among others an increased number of owners (registration entities) of railway vehicles, higher numbers of operators and undertakings with a separate economy operating railway transport for all these entities. Thus a considerable increase in demand for information on trains, wagons or consignments occurs and current information systems being used for vehicles tracing are not always prepared for this demand. Therefore one of the conference’s further objectives is to define and demonstrate these problems, arising due to a railway market liberalization increase, and to seek solutions for their elimination.

Presentations will bring the general view on possibilities and methods of rail freight monitoring. Furthermore, particular successful applications will be presented and demonstrated.

SESSION 3: Rail Freight East – West – East; Successfully Implemented or Prepared Rail and Combined Transport Projects

Chairman: Mr. Schmidt / UIC/RCA

This topic reacts to the constantly growing trade of European countries with Asian countries and Russia. The growth of rail freight is not proportional to the trade growth however and that’s why one of the conference’s objectives is looking for answers to the following question: What are the constraints preventing a volume growth of the East – West – East rail freight?

In the period of an accentuated development of truck transport, an increase of maritime transport and a resulting decrease of rail transport it is necessary to demonstrate and emphasize the important role of rail and combined transport. From the point of view of created awareness on rail freight transport it is necessary at present to increase the popularity of this mode of transport, including combined transport advertising. And increasing popularization by form of presenting rail and combined transport successful projects is another objective of the International Railway Conference in Prague.

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